Sync your dual landscapes for consistency and seggregation

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Introduction to Retrofit

Retrofit is dual landscape synchronization feature offered in SAP Solution Manager. Retrofit can be used standalone or in Charm or focused build scenarios where retrofit can be integrated seemlessly. 

Retrofit is recommended or perhaps essential in maintenance landscapes especially which are supporting production fixes and development same time. Retrofit can move changes from the maintenance landscape to the development landscape automatically using transports . 

When is retrofit beneficial

Are you having difficulty in fixing production issues because of development happening in same landscape and objects ?

Fixing production issues can become a nightmare if object you need are currently worked on by developers. 

The best practice is to have separate landscape for both Maintenance and Development projects. 

Separate of Activities

Separation of maintenance and development activities is beneficial. First, it will protect the production landscape, secondly development get has their own space and liberty which means higher productivity. SAP implementations can maximize development speed by just segregating their maintenance and development activities.

Sync Landscapes

Synchronizing updates the lower landscapes without interrupting development, this is a great future which keeps the development up-to speed with production changes. Synchronizing landscapes minimizes configuration overwriting in production environments.

retrofit change control
SAP Retrofit scenarios

Retrofit Scenarios

Retrofit is implemented as standalone or in a specific scenario as described below. 

With Charm

Retrofit integrates seamlessly with SAP Change Request Management (CHARM) and works with charm workflow. You can automate majority of Retrofit tasks when integrated with CHARM.

With Focused Build

Retrofit in Focused Build scenarios is highly advantageous because of Automation capability and the simplification from using focused build tools.


You can leverage Retrofit functionality even when there are no tools in your landscape. Retrofit can work standalone and sync your maintenance and development landscapes.