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Activate Methodology-Agile Planning in SAP projects

Activate Methodology-Agile Planning in SAP projects

Introduction: Want to be Agile in your SAP projects? Activate is the answer. SAP projects can take big leap in Quality and Efficiency by switching to Activate methodology. However, switching to Activate can be challenging, the biggest hurdle in adopting activate is...

Steps to create SAP activate project plan

Steps to create SAP activate project plan

Introduction: This article explains the steps to create an Activate methodology project plan using focused build tool. Project plan is an important artifact in Activate methodology, it is essential for planning and execution of Activate implementation processes....


Frequently Asked Questions

Does any module in Solution Manager needs a separate license

Solution manager modules are part of the S/4 Hana and Netweaver offering. There is no seperate license for any solution manager module.

Is there additional license fee for Focused Build or Focused Run

Starting from 2020, SAP Focused Build and Focused Insights are currently offered at NO additional license fee.

What is the benefit of installing S/4 hana best practices in solution manager / focused build ?

Best practices content is very helpful for designing target process during process discussions. Best practices also load the accelerators into solution documentation, these include test cases, configuration documents and business process diagrams.

What is Activate Methodology

Activate is SAP’s implementation framework, it divides the project into, Prepare, Explore, Realize and Run. Activate methodology provides standard agile processes and activities to implement sap. Activate is a popular implementation methodology, Activate can reducing risk in a S4hana implementation and making project outcome predictable.

What if my PMO uses a different project management tool can Focused build connect and sync with other project management tools.

You can build interfaces between focused build and other project tools. Focused build’s architecture fully supports integration with other ALM systems and project tools.

Is focused build pre-configured solution ?

Focused Build is a pre-configured solution which means, focused build workflow, dashboards and every other solution manager modules which it uses is pre-configured.

Is process documentation a standalone module

Absolutely not, process documentaion can be used standalone if needed. Process documentatio is integrated with Requirement management and change management.

Can the business process documentation in process documentation module be a feed to Test management.

Test steps which are manual test cases can be generated quickly using the business process steps documentation as the input. Test Steps are a key downstream benefit of process documentation.