SAP Change request management

Audit proof change management using charm tool
Change request management or CHARM in short form is a transportation management and compliance tool, the tool is simple to implement and use in its standard form, Charm is available via browser with a simplified workflow available in solution manager. 
The configuration for CHARM could be simple if you leverage the standard which is ITIL standard functionality however many organization tend customize charm to fit their project needs and especially to mimic their existing change management tools. 
Charm is highly suitable for maintenance projects where you would like to bring in control and audit capability into your landscape.
Standard charm supports a whole range of customization and can be performed by copying the standard objects into a Z objects. It is important to note that a lot fo standard functionality can still be leverage with the Z document types also where you can customize as per your organizational needs, for instance you can add additional approvals if needed. 

License Cost: Charm is delivered as part of solution manager license, no additional license cost will be incurred with charm. 
Charm tool offers much greater value than work flow , here are some top advantages you want to consider with charm.

- You can practically automate the whole change control and transportation management process using charm, this applicable to both abap and non-sap systems. 

- Charm provides an Audit proof and compliant change management process. This makes it highly suitable for maintenance environment. 
- Charm can safeguard your productive environment while keeping the process simple and easy to use, charm functionality such as Approvals, downgrade protection provide further controls and features to safeguard your sap systems.
- Change integrates with other solution manager modules, the modules include Retrofit, defect management, testing, and BPCA.
- Integrates your landscape from a change management point of view, your applications are not isolated when it comes to defect management or enhancement. 

- Change requests can extend across several application, this prevents disjointed change management in your organization.

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