Activate Methodology

Activate methodology is the key to S4hana success

Activate can be described as a roadmap containing comprehensive set of activities to be performed for implementing SAP. 

Activate provides what (Activities) to be performed and when (which phase of the project) the activities should be performed for implementing an SAP product. 

Rather than just providing a framework and ideology Activate provides solid roadmap to implement any sap product. 

Customers should realize that Activate lowers risk, cost and accelerates implementation. However, “the biggest value of Activate is facilitating the implementation of business processes which are industry standard best practices”. 

Tip:Transitioning to activate is much easier using focused build because Focused build is hundred percent Activate tool.

Activate is based on agile and lean thinking, Activate divides a project into phases and each phase has specific activities which can be executed in sprints.

Activate creates numerous customer interaction points throughout sap implementation which are valuable opportunities for continuous improvement of solutions. 

Activate methodology content can be explored online ( link provided in references section ). Activate content is presented as a list of activities divided per phase and by work streams. 

Since every implementation can only perform certain tasks from the activities listed by activate you have to select suitable ones from the list and add them to project plan. 

Implementation teams should evaluate all tasks for the product to pick suitable ones as first step followed by preparation for performing them. 

The activities should be discussed among teams and develop plan for implementation. The task from activate can be broken down into sub tasks also if needed.

The activity list is a fantastic feature in Activate, it provides a comprehensive list of implementation activities per Project phase and per work stream this gives us a good starting point for implementation activities.

Activate methodology makes sap best practice consumption easier, if your organization is planning to implement sap best practice or based on best practices for target business processes Activate methodology can be a good choice.

Activate - Agile way

Activate follows Agile standard project planning meaning the project is divided into, Sprints and Waves. After every sprint a production ready solution increment is developed by the team however the release of all productive configuration will happen end of the wave in activate methodology.

Activate - Customer Interaction

Activate leverages the high productivity and Customer engagement capabilities of Agile methodology very effectively.

In activate methodology Customer is very engaged starting from workshop and backlog prioritization. Customer is also heavily engaged in testing and show & tell the interaction points give the opportunity to capture customer feedback and improve the system. 

Active lowers risk in a SAP implementation by leveraging Best Practices, Agile processes and Standard implementation activities.

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