Focused Build - Requirements are more than user stories

In focused build requirement is the backlog, it captures user stories, features, simplification items or even a defect. Requirements are the staring point of the backlog and connects the entire “Requirement to deploy" process. 

In focused build requirements are more than user stories…

  1. Requirement has priority and value of a user story. Priority and value can rank a requirement uniquely. Business should be engaged to prioritize requirements. Value points indicate the value of the requirements from the business perspective. 
  2. Architect analyzes the dependencies and provides an effort estimate which has to be captured in the requirement. Since requirements are usually captured during the Prepare phase clear effort information may not be available, an estimate should be used instead.
  3. Approval is needed for a requirement, usually the business provides the approval. Approved requirements can be connected to Work packages and Work item.
  4. Requirement connects the requirement to deploy cycle and provides traceability back and forth. Requirements connect the business and IT, it is important for IT and business to collaborate to capture requirements effectively.

It is very important to engage business in the requirements gathering activity, remember clear and unambiguous requirements are very important for the success of IT projects.