Focused Build - Activate Methodology

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Divided into sequential phases with a go-live end of wave Activate is SAP’s proprietary implementation methodology.  Activate is an Agile based methodology and is also lean. It provides standard implementation activities which are time tested for reliability and giving predictable results.

Activate has three areas, Methodology, Best practices and Accelerators.

Methodology creates standard processes and activities for the implementation. Best practices offer industry standard business processes which are ready for consumption. Accelerators make activities simpler and easier.  Activate creates lean activities with clear direction and predictable outcomes at every step of your SAP implementation.

Although central focus of activate on facilitating consumption of best practices activate stills simplifies implementation process and can reduce wastage significantly. Activate methodology can be used independent of project tools in sap projects however I want to emphasize that adaptation of Activate methodology is easier with Focused build.  

By using focused build as the implementation tool you automatically use Activate processes during the implementation.

Focused build is designed to use Activate, the use of activate is significantly simplified with focused build. 

Activate methodology content can be explored online ( link provided in references section ). Activate content is presented as a list of activities divided per phase and by work streams.  Using the content online you can identify implementation activities applicable to your organization. Identifying project activities is an important exercise a project team should do especially in Prepare phase of the project. 

  • Identify activities relevant for all work streams and assign the deliverables for the activities. Use accelerators if suitable as template for the deliverable artifact.
  • Identified activities can created as tasks in the project plan and should be assigned to team members in the project.

Activate methodology makes sap best practice consumption easier, if your organization is planning to implement sap best practice or based on best practices for target business processes Activate methodology can be a good choice.

Activate - Agile way

Activate follows Agile standard project planning meaning the project is divided into, Sprints and Waves. After every sprint a production ready solution increment is developed by the team however the release of all productive configuration will happen end of the wave in activate methodology.

Activate - Customer Interaction

Activate leverages the high productivity and Customer engagement capabilities of Agile methodology very effectively. In activate methodology Customer is very engaged starting from workshop and backlog prioritization. Customer is also heavily engaged in testing and show & tell the interaction points give the opportunity to capture customer feedback and improve the system. 

Activate methodology online: