Focused Build - Process documentation

How you can leverage process discussion to develop Target business processes and also capture requirements.

Focused build - Process discussion - Best practices

Requirements collection is usually performed during explore phase of a project and many times requirements are not easily available.

Business team may provide an initial set of requirements but they may not be comprehensive and could be insufficient to design target business process. 

Typically workshops are conducted in the Explore phase by IT to engage business in process design and to collect requirements, this interaction opportunity can be used to capture requirements by using process documentation platform and focused build.

In this discussion I want to explain how to leverage workshops to collect requirements while designing target business processes.

When best practices are used as starting point for process design your target process will be based on industry standard best practices, this approach will reduce risk significantly.  

Business process based on best practices have proven to be more efficient and less riskier to implement and operate. Requirements gathering is an important step in Sap journey and focused build tool can make this exercise easy and efficient.