Why Focused Build is essential for successful S/4 Hana implementation


Why Focused Build is essential for successful S/4 Hana implementation


Focused Build is an implementation tool which is designed to accelerate S/4 hana implementation. Focused build enables accurate implementation of target business process, it reduces Risk in the project, by introducing standardized implementation activities, predictive outcomes, accelerators and high visibility

Use focused build to gain below advantages;


Focused build integrates Activate / Agile project management process with Solution Documentation, Requirements Management, Test Suite, Defect management, and Change control.

Focused build is pre-configured and requires minimal configuration to start. Focused build add-on has to be installed on a solution manager system it does not come with solution manager standard installation. 


Focused Build creates an efficient way implementing an S/4 Hana business process, whether it is a greenfield implementation or migration the biggest challenge in an SAP project is to implement standard processes which fulfill business needs on time and budget. Using focused Build you will be able to define a target business process based on SAP’s best practice. That is the biggest advantage of Focussed Build it will put your project on a guided tracks to implement SAP best practices. 


There are many popular tools in the market that may provide functionality for individual areas like defect management or testing but Focused Build’s core purpose is to assist customers in the consumption of best practices. Using focused Build you can achieve implementation of SAP best practices on-time & budget and with less risk. 


Focused Build is based on Agile and the methodology is fully integrated using simplified workflow, all the project activities in focused build are standardized and Agile activities, they can be performed using a workflow. There is full transparency in project activities FB comes with pre-built dashboards and reports. 


A sprint in focussed build, starts with an approved requirement. Requirements are created in the explore phase of the project during fit gap analysis.