Simplify S/4 Hana implementation by using Focused Build


Focused Build is a project tool designed to Simplify S/4 Hana implementation. Focused build connects implementation Processes, Activities and Tools with a simplified workflow. Focused build makes a big difference in S/4 Hana project it reduces risk and brings predictable outcomes at every stage of the implementation.

Focused build integrates Activate / Agile project management process with Solution Documentation, Requirements Management, Test Suite, Defect management, and Change control.

Focused build is pre-configured and requires minimal configuration to get started. You can jump start s/4 Hana with focused build and experience the acceleration and simplification it brings to your project.

Focused Build creates an efficient way of implementing S/4 Hana business processes, whether it is a greenfield implementation or migration the biggest challenge in an SAP project is to implement processes which fulfill business needs on time and budget. Focused build will simplify s/4 Hana the one tool to do everything in your S/4 hana journey.

Pls refer to the picture below for the key activities performed during the implementation phases.




Focused Build has the following advantages,

  • Design and implement target business processes are which are either best practices or derived from best practices.
  • Implement S/4 Hana following Agile standard activities and tasks from Activate methodology.
  • Real time visibility into project activities, statuses, risks and issues.
  • Reduced documentation effort with the use of business process documentation and accelerators.

Focused build reduces Risk in the following ways;

    • Creates a guided track to implement business processes which are either best practices or based on SAP best practices.
    • Predictive outcome of the the project through implementation methodology, accelerators and transparency.
    • Strong foundation on Business process documentation which permeates accuracy into all project activities.
    • SAP activate methodology uses standardized Agile activities, implementation is performed using Agile sprints and waves.
    • Effective control of activities, high visibility and real time KPI reporting.

Focused Build uses Activate methodology which is based on Agile, all the project activities in focused build are standardized activities, they can be performed using focused build workflow.  

The picture below shows a sprint process which can be executed in focused build.